Customer/User experience Strategist


Merck Team Structure 

Merck set up multiple Digital Engagement Team that were focused on improving the digital experience of patients and health care providers (Users), at every marketing touchpoint. 



Each DET was assigned 1 Merck product with a goal of aggressively marketing it to the users.

Customer Journey Mapping Framework

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  • Customer Experience Plan

  • Customer Journey Map

  • Campaign

  • Message Map

Customer Experience Plan

A Customer Experience Plan is a strategic tool that uses the insights documented In the Persona and Customer Journey Map to define the desired customer experience. In other words, the CJM charts the customer's journey based on how they think, feel, and behave in your brand’s therapeutic landscape.

Customer Journey Map

User persona and journey maps documents target users, who they interact with, communication channel preference and what they think, feel and do (All touchpoints)


Message Map


Card sorting with focus group

This UX process helped us undestand the way users perceive the current marketing campaigns and helped us charter out the customer journey map


User persona

This is an exmaple of the user persona used. (For confidentiality purposes, the actual persona not uploaded)