Wellness tracker

Track your daily goals, tasks & wellness

University of Sydney initiative
Problem statement
Students are unable to cope with academic pressure and work overload.
There is data which depicts many students are dropping out of courses due to poor time management and mental instability
Create a website that assists users to manage and track wellness.
This website can record and illustrate patterns of behavior that mentors can view.
It also acts as a communication medium between students and councillors/mentors
User Research
     Conducted moderated user interviews
Target group            Students            Mentors            Wellness Councillors 
Quantitative research
It answers questions such as “how many people clicked here” or “what percentage of users are able to find the call to action?” It’s valuable in understanding statistical likelihoods and what is happening on a site or in an app.
Surveys and Questionnaires
Card sorting
Moderated usability testing
Created user personas
User Personas
I'm unable to track my goals
I find it hard to cultivate new habits
Some days I feel lazy or unmotivated to do my tasks
It's not easy for me to honestly open up to others about my daily md
About Me
name - alexis jones
age - 21
major - astrophysics
I need an application that assists me to track my progress towards my goals
I want to enter my daily mood and feelings 
I need an application that helps me tracks my task completion. 
I want to send notifications/contact my mentor/councillor directly from the application
I want to view my daily mood/feelings levels and monitor it
Sketches & planning